Ruth Cochran LPC

Ruth Cochran LPC


Ruth Cochran, MS, LPC
Founding Partner
(404) 210-5726
Buckhead, Villa Rica

Please note that Ruth is currently accepting clients through direct referrals only.

Ruth works with executives, professionals and others who are contending with unexpected stressors in their careers, such as:

  • Workplace trauma
  • Layoffs / firing
  • Interpersonal conflicts with colleagues
  • Recent promotions
  • Restlessness / lack of career direction
  • Tension in personal relationships due to work

Ruth specializes in the treatment of traumatic stress, and is trained to help clients regain emotional equilibrium in the midst of disorienting, unsettling events using EMDR and mindfulness-based approaches.

She also draws on a range of other therapeutic interventions to craft a customized approach for each client, including family systems theory, narrative therapy, dream work, cognitive behavioral therapy and brief solution-focused therapy.

With over 15 years of experience at three of the leading global executive recruiting and leadership consulting firms, Ruth is well-versed in the emotional challenges and isolation that corporate careers can present, even for the most accomplished executives.  She is experienced in helping clients navigate complex personal and professional situations successfully.

Ruth is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds a Master of Science in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. She has also completed two masters’ degrees at the University of California at Berkeley, and her undergraduate degree is from the University of California at Irvine. Ruth’s recent continuing education has focused on mindfulness (University of California, Berkeley, Spring 2014) and addiction treatment and recovery (Harvard Medical School, Spring 2015).

Outside of the office, Ruth enjoys discovering new restaurants in Atlanta and new cities abroad.  She is also an avid podcast listener and swimmer who wishes she had more time for writing, cooking and gardening! 

What Ruth’s colleagues say about her:

“I knew from the moment I met Ruth that she would be an amazing therapist. She has a rare level of wisdom and insight. Her dedication to the field of psychotherapy and self-growth is inspiring.”

“Ruth is amazing! She seems to know what is needed in most any situation and can help guide others to better understand themselves and make healthy choices in their life. She is very accepting and incredibly wise in understanding complex situations. She brings out the best in all she’s around.She’s a truly gifted psychotherapist. “

“When something is wrong, I run to Ruth. Her steady presence grounds me, and her state of  non-judgement allows me to find my own truth. She is truly empowering.”