Jennifer Grizzard LPC

Jennifer Grizzard LPC

Jennifer Grizzard, MS, LPC
(678) 941-3868
Villa Rica

Jennifer Grizzard is a Licensed Professional Counselor who provides comprehensive mental health services to children, adolescents and families.  She has been practicing in this field since 1998, when she began working with adults and seniors who were experiencing difficulties associated with complex life situations.  Through this experience she began exploring many of the “difficulties” her adult clients were struggling with and found they were actually struggles they had been dealing with since childhood, thus the concept of “early intervention” paved her way to working with the younger population.

Since 2001 Jennifer has been practicing in multiple settings, including inpatient & out patient hospitalization, juvenile corrections, and private practice.  She most recently practiced at Sheltered Cove. She uses a variety of therapy methods, including play therapy. Jennifer provides an environment where children can express their concerns and find new, more appropriate ways to cope.  Play is the natural language of children, and toys are their words. This approach to child counseling and family consultation is helpful to children who are struggling with personal, family, educational, social, and emotional concerns. Through play, children learn communication, social, and decision-making skills, and develop cognitively and emotionally.  Jennifer also focuses on parenting as it is a vital component when working with child/adolescent population.

What Jennifer’s colleagues say about her:

“She is very knowledgeable in the field of children’s therapy and parenting. She is very gifted in allowing children to have the space to open up and communicate. She is a fierce advocate for children who have been sexually abused and exploited.”

“It’s wonderful to watch Jennifer working with children – they warm to her fun-loving acceptance and support. It’s equally amazing to see how she harnesses all the resources children don’t yet know they have in order to ensure their safety and room to thrive in life.”

Jennifer is on panel with the following insurance providers:

Cameron and Associates EAP
Aetna EAP
American Behavioral

Jennifer’s self pay rate is $120.00 for intake appointment then $65.00 per session.