Welcome to InMind

With an office west of the metro Atlanta area, and accomplished psychotherapists and Counselors covering a wide range of specialties, InMind puts wellness within reach.

  • What We Do

    At InMind, we deliver all of the services your family needs in one location, for your convenience. We have clinicians onsite that are trained in a wide array of modalities, so that we are able to target the needs of everyone in your family.

  • About Us

    InMind is home to clinicians who believe in delivering excellent services. We believe that quality training makes quality clinicians. We are dedicated to providing the finest trained clinicians, with the highest standards in competency.

  • Services

    InMind provides all levels of services to meet your needs. We provide psychotherapy and counseling with adults, children and adolescents, couples and families. We are able to tailor our services based on a thorough intake, to be sure that you receive just what you need.

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InMind Psychotherapy and Counseling is here to serve you in the west Georgia area. Our office in Villa Rica has a comprehensive team of the finest and most well-trained clinicians to deliver services to all demographics, across a wide range of modalities. At InMind, we believe in the wellness model of mental and physical health. We believe that your body and mind intuitively seek health, and naturally know what you need. We believe that in gently supporting this natural instinct, that we can help you find the answers that you seek.